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Headshot of Cristeta Comerfor wearing a white chefs uniform against a blue backdrop

Born in Manila, Philippines, Cristeta "Cris" Comerford now works in the most famous house in the United States of America. Mrs. Comerford became the first woman to become the executive chef at the White House since the Kennedys appointed the position to a high-profile statement of personal style. She is also the first minority, a Filipino-American, to hold the position. Serving as an assistant chef during the Clinton Administration, her consummate passion and talents proved worthy. Mrs. Laura Bush appointed her in August 2005, and she has since showcased the best of American cuisines.

Mrs. Michelle Obama reappointed Cris Comerford because of her passion and emphasis for healthy eating. Her many responsibilities include designing and executing menus for official dinners, social events and family entertaining. Some of her memorable events include the Governor's Dinner, because of the inclusion of culinary students. Mentorship and leadership has been a key to the success of the White House Kitchen.

Chef Comerford attended the University of the Philippines to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Food Technology. Her 26 years of culinary experience include fine dining restaurants in Washington D.C., Chicago, Austria, Napa Valley and France. As a member of the Club Chefs du Chef, an association of chefs of heads of state, she had continually pursued her growth in techniques, abilities and food trends.

Because of her strong belief in family and community, she had faithfully served as a church deacon and currently leads a home study group with her husband, John. They have both volunteered on humanitarian trips to an impoverished town in Brazil. Recently, she was a keynote speaker at an International Women's Leadership Conference hosted by the Governor of Hawaii, Gov. Linda Lingle. Mentorship to younger culinarians led her to speak to students at the Kapiolani Community College in Honolulu.

Her seven-year-old daughter, Danielle, had shown her culinary interest by writing their New Year's Eve dinner celebration. They live in Columbia, Maryland, in between visiting families in Seattle and Chicago.


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