Low Carb and Lovin' It

Low Carb Mexican

Chef George Stella heads for the border with a menu of tequila chicken quesadillas, southwestern chili con carne, a no-bake Key lime cheesecake, and guacamole. George finishes the meal off with a classic Mexican drink, Sangria. Ole low carb!

Top 5 Tips
1. Avocados have the highest amount of oils and protein of any fruit. They're also loaded with healthy fats that actually lower your cholesterol.
2. Soy flour is made from toasted soybeans that are ground up. It's not absorbed by your body the way white flour would.
3. Cream cheese is a low carb staple and contains almost zero carbs.
4. Spice up dry red wine by adding fresh lime and lemon juice, sugar substitute, diet orange drink mix, and club soda to make sangria. Garnish with slices of lime and lemon.
5.Club soda isn't only a beverage. It can be used as a leavener in quesadilla crusts.
(Episode: LL1A10)

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