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Meet Rahm Fama. Actually, "Meat" Rahm Fama! A chef and meat nerd originally from New Mexico, Rahm combs the country for the choicest cuts. He obsesses over meat with fellow chefs, local food lovers and passionate chowhounds across the United States, making several stops in each episode to sample their meaty fare. From mounds of meatballs in New York and chicken-fried steak in Texas to loaded gourmet hot dogs in Chicago and monster beef patties in Oregon, Rahm's carnivorous curiosities uncover the most mouth-watering meats and the side dishes that so perfectly complete them. Rated "M" for meat; vegetarians, beware.

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Rahm Fama

Meat-loving chef Rahm Fama follows his carnivorous curiosity across the country, searching out the choicest cuts of mouth-watering meat.
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Season 1, Episode 4

Supersized Meat

In this supersized episode, Rahm Fama tracks down El-Gigante, an infamous burrito layered with 8 pounds of meat, 1 pound of rice, and 1 pound of beans then slathered with a hearty meat sauce and cheese at Amigos Mexican Restaurant in Kansas City, Mo. He then makes a stop at Cowtown Diner in Fort Worth, Texas, where a team of hungry football players tackles “The Full of Bull,” a 64-ounce chicken-fried steak topped with 6 pounds of rich, buttery mashed potatoes. With barely room for more, Rahm visits Giant Burger in Springfield, Ore., where they flip up juicy 5-pound patties.

Jul 16
8pm | 7c
Season 1, Episode 6

Midnight Meat

Rahm Fama finds the best meat after midnight to satisfy his late-night carnivorous cravings. In New York, he eats the goat Billy Balls at The Meatball Shop which has locals lining up until 4am for their succulent round morsels. On the opposite coast, Rahm visits the Pacific Dining Car in Los Angeles for a Maine Lobster Appletini appetizer and a Cowboy Steak with creamed spinach served 24-hours a day. His last stop at the Gilt Club in Portland, Ore., a swanky late-night supper spot, dishes up its house made pork rinds and Quail in a Jar late into the night.

Jul 23
8pm | 7c