Meat & Potatoes

Hosted by Rahm Fama

Burger Mania

If there's one meat dish that all Americans love its burgers and in this episode Rahm Fama tracks down some of the country's most obsession-worthy patties. First, our meat-loving host heads to Village Whiskey in Philadelphia, where Iron Chef Jose Garces is creating a royal sensation with his signature Whiskey King Burger. Then Rahm heads west to San Francisco to Roam Artisan Burgers where they're flipping a juicy Bison Tejano Burger that's an all-natural tasty twist on the American classic. Finally at Lindy's on 4th in Tucson, Arizona, Rahm gets meat-drunk on a rock and roll burger that's a duo patty creation served up between double grilled-cheese sandwiches made with thick Texas toast. (Episode: PO0204H)