Mexican Made Easy

Hosted by Marcela Valladolid

Mother's Day

Marcela got her culinary chops from her momma but that's more than her sister, Carina, can say. This Mother's Day, Marcela and Carina are going to revive some family traditions and bring out their mother's recipes for the ultimate cooking challenge. Will Marcela be able to teach Carina how to make their mother's Polverones, a sweet walnut cookie, in time to celebrate with the kids? If not, that's OK, it's all about the love and Marcela has a few more dishes to share! First off, Tostadas, the perfect crunch topped with deliciously spicy chicken. Also, another one of their mother's favorites, pork slow cooked in a fresh Tomatillo salsa. Grab the kiddies and gather 'round because we're celebrating Mother's Day today on Mexican Made Easy! (Episode: VM0502H)

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