Mexican Cooking 101: Terms and Substitutions

Mexican Made Easy's Marcela Valladolid shares her dictionary for making Mexican cooking a breeze.

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Maggi sauce: Hydrolyzed vegetable, protein-based sauce used as a flavor enhancer in Latin and Asian cuisines. It can be found in the ethnic section of the grocery store. Use Maggi sauce to make Warm Picnic Burritos.

Substitute: equal part mixture of Worcestershire sauce and dark soy sauce

Dried corn husk:
Dried outer sheath that surrounds an ear of corn. Try this recipe for Salmon in Corn Husks.

Substitute: plastic wrap or foil

Masa harina: Popular Mexican flour made from treated corn. Use it to make Marcela's Easy Corn Tamales.

Substitute: finely ground corn meal

Tomatillo: Mexican relative to the gooseberry with a tart flavor. Use tomatillos in Chilaquiles with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa.

Substitute: green tomato and lime juice

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