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Most-Outrageous Offenses Ever Witnessed

Browse photos of the craziest things ever filmed on the show, like a lobster thief and a bar-side dating service run by a waitress.

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  • After noticing multiple register mistakes, Ondrea, owner of Black Rose Tavern in Los Angeles, fears that someone — either on her staff, one of the musicians in her nonprofit charity, or her new business partner — is taking advantage of her. Charles sends in Mystery Diners Amanda and Rob and discovers that someone is using her charity to line their pockets.

  • Jimmy, owner of Rockabillies in Arvada, Colo., is concerned about a dip in sales, especially during his restaurant's summer vintage car show. Charles sends in Mystery Diners Amber and Kyle to investigate and discovers that his staff is breaking multiple rules.

  • After hearing rumors that customers are being served food off-menu, Esdras and Javi, owners of Mexicali Tacos in Los Angeles, call Charles to investigate. Mystery Diners Brenda and Grant go undercover to find out what the head chef is really cooking.

  • After hearing rumors that kegs of his privately brewed beer are showing up at local frat parties, Rick, owner of Uncle Billy's Brew and Que in Austin, Texas, contacts Charles for help. Mystery Diners Vanessa and Robin go undercover to see how easy it is to purchase a keg.

  • Marvin, the owner of Falls Taproom in Philadelphia, contacts Charles to help investigate an ongoing feud between his girlfriend/manager and best friend/customer. Mystery Diner Miranda goes undercover and discovers someone is taking advantage of Marvin.

  • After hearing rumors that customers are being served meat at his vegan restaurant, Mitch, owner of Source in San Francisco, contacts Charles for help. Mystery Diners Amber and Brianna go undercover and discover what's really being cooked up in the kitchen.

  • After purchasing Cafe Aldente in Studio City, Calif., and retaining most of the previous owner's staff, the new owners believe their employees are still practicing old policies. Charles sends in Mystery Diners Annalisa and Kiel to find out if anyone is ignoring the new rules.

  • Fearing that his staff is pranking customers with the restaurant's mouth burning "Devil"s XXX" hot sauce, Ken, owner of Looney's BBQ in San Leandro, Calif., asks Charles to investigate. Mystery Diners Brianna and William go undercover to find out who is the real culprit.

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  • After experiencing discrepancies with their supply of expensive protein supplements, Larissa and Andrew, owners of Protein House in Las Vegas, contact Charles to investigate. Mystery Diners Andy and Kelli go undercover and discover the real cause of the problem.

  • Blaine, the owner of Zippy's Giant Burgers in Seattle, contacts Charles to investigate rumors that his new mascot is misbehaving. Mystery Diners Nadine and John go undercover to discover exactly who is behind the mascot costume.

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When a restaurant owner suspects employees of not doing their jobs — whether it be stealing, lying, mistreating customers or generally doing lousy work — they call in the Mystery Diners. These Mystery Diners are undercover operatives who go into restaurants, bars and food-service establishments with hidden cameras to perform surveillance to find out what's really going on when the boss isn't around.

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