Cooking for a crowd

Whether Paula is cooking for two or 22-she always has something up her sleeve that's a crowd pleaser . With recipes for Chicken and Dumplings, Cherry Tomatoes and Cream, Lady and Sons Onion-Cheese Bread & Carolina Gold Rice Pudding w/ fruit sauce.

Chicken & Dumplings
Paula recommends keeping the bones in your chicken, although you could certainly use boneless chicken pieces in your pot.

Cream Tomatoes and Onion Bread

  • You can put your Cream Tomatoes on top of a pile of rice for an interesting combination entree.

  • Cut bread for panini sandwiches

  • Try putting your onion bread mix into the same pan you sauteed the onions in so that the pre-heated pan will provide you with a nice crispy crust to the bread.

Carolina Gold Rice Pudding

  • Paula recommends using a potato masher to break up the fruit a bit when making your sauce so that it cooks more easily.

Paula's Tips

  • When cooking the rice for a large crowd, try cooking it in a giant cast iron pot and serving it directly from the pot at the table.

  • You can make a cheesy onion bread that's biscuit or muffin sized for single serving pieces.
(Episode: PA1B19)

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