Sexy Southern Chocolate

Whether it's baked, drizzled, melted or covered in-Paula's got a chocolate recipe that's decadent and delectable. With Ice Cream Balls, Caramelized Brownies, Savannah Chocolate Cake w/ hot fudge sauce & a Chocolate Toffee Trifle.

Chewy Caramel Brownies

  • Paula recommends following the instructions for baking a "chewy" brownie when making your packaged brownies from a mix.

  • When making your ice cream balls, form them quickly using just your hands to make them soft enough for the nuts to stick to easily.

Savannah Chocolate Cake

  • Make sure to whack your baking pan full of cake batter on the counter a couple of times before you bake it, so that you get all the air bubbles out for a smooth chocolate cake.

  • When making the hot fudge sauce to top your cake, always add the vanilla extract at the last second, so that it doesn’t evaporate out of the sauce while it’s sitting in the heat.

Chocolate Trifle

  • A good way to know whether or not your cake is done is to check to see if the sides of the cake pull away from the baking dish.

  • You can use the same hot fudge sauce from the chocolate cake when making this trifle.

Paula's Tips

  • Feel free to personalize everyone’s bowl of ice cream with different candy toppings when serving the brownies to family or friends, like cookies, peppermint or even cookie dough.

  • Try sprinkling sweetened cocoa on your breakfast cereal to flavor it a bit.

(Episode: PA1B22)

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