Mothers' Day

Today’s one of Paula’s favorite holidays--Mother’s Day! Her boys Bobby and Jamie are comin’ over to help her in the kitchen and together they’re going to make some of their favorite brunch food. They’ll start off with Nutty Orange Coffee Cake. If you like Paula’s Gorilla Bread--you’ll love this--with it’s sugary orange glaze--this cake is gonna melt every momma’s heart. Wait till you see the Benedictine Sandwiches which are simply delicious with their special crema cheese filling. They are just the perfect finger food. Then it’s on to Eggs in a Nest which taste just as good as they look with their flaky, melt-in-your-mouth crust. So grab a seat and take notes, cause we’re gonna show you how to make this momma’s day extra special.

(Episode: PA0713H)

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