Sweet Endings

Hardly any meal is complete without a little sweet something to finish it off, so today’s show is all about sweet endings. Paula’s cookin’ up desserts to complete your meal and keep even the sweetest of teeth satisfied. First she’s makin a creamy and fruity Raspberry Sherry Trifle. The layers of fruit, custard and cream make this a beautiful heavenly treat that will disappear by the spoonful. Then it’s on to an eclair unlike any other--it’s an eclair cake. Wait till you see what kind of crust Paula’s using for this rich indulgence. And if that’s not sweet enough, Paula’s Peanut Butter and Cheese Fudge will definitely hit your sweet spot. So get the coffee brewin’ cause we’ve got lots of sugary treats comin’ your way.


(Episode: PA0805H)

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