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Pasta Amatriciana

The central ingredient of amatriciana sauce is guanciale, cured pork jowl.
Season 5, Episode 9

The Secret To Braciole

Anne shares her secrets to flavorful braciole, using her classic tomato sauce. Plus, her tips on making crispy, golden Mozzarella en Carozza.

Mar 25
2pm | 1c

About the Show

Like your own private window into the kitchen of your favorite restaurant, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef reveals the concise, easy-to-master techniques of a top-level chef. By showcasing professional secrets to preparing food that is creative and full of flavor – yet never froufrou or scary – Anne Burrell translates your favorite restaurant foods into amazing at-home meals. With years of restaurant experience mixed with a pumped-up passion, Anne helps to take the mystery out of the professional kitchen and gets you making meals that are special enough for guests but easy enough for a rushed weekday evening.

About the Host

Anne Burrell

Anne Burrell has worked at some of New York's top restaurants and hosts Chef Wanted, Worst Cooks in America and Secrets of a Restaurant Chef.

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