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Pasta Amatriciana

The central ingredient of amatriciana sauce is guanciale, cured pork jowl.

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  • Pasta Amatriciana
    Pasta Amatriciana (02:46)
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    Chicken Milanese (05:32)
    Roast Chicken
    Roast Chicken (05:03)
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    Mixed Green Salad With Crisps (05:02)
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    Roasted Cauliflower Salad (03:29)
    Red Cabbage Slaw
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    Coq au Vin
    Coq au Vin (05:28)
    Potato-Crusted Halibut
    Potato-Crusted Halibut (03:31)
    Irish Bread-and-Butter Pudding
    Irish Bread-and-Butter Pudding (03:36)
    Cracker-Crust Chicken Fingers
    Cracker-Crust Chicken Fingers (03:20)
    Lemon-Dijon Chicken
    Lemon-Dijon Chicken (03:13)
    Anne's Roasted Squash Salad
    Anne's Roasted Squash Salad (02:42)
    Rockin' Baked Beans
    Rockin' Baked Beans (02:48)