Semi-Homemade Cooking

Hosted by Sandra Lee


In this episode, it's all about chocolate---rich, delicious, sensuous Semi-Homemade chocolate desserts! First, Sandra shows us how to prepare Chocolate Truffles. Next, Sandra bakes up a Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake. Then, we see how Sandra makes Butterscotch Bon-Bons

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To make beautiful chocolate displays, first run over to the craft store and purchase some topiaries, all different sizes, and some boxed chocolates. Pierce the individual chocolates with a tooth pick and tack them on the topiaries. Then when you're done, decorate it with a little silk ribbon. They're beautiful and delicious!

If you want to embellish some store-bought caramel apples, all you need to do is baste them with corn syrup, roll them in chopped nuts, and that's it! They take no time and save you lots of money!

(Episode: SH1A13)

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