Sugar High's Dufftionary: Ace Every Episode's Lingo

Check your Sugar High Q with Duff Goldman's Dufftionary, a six-page dictionary of terms you'll hear about in each episode.


Duff Goldman guides you through the maze of sweets terminology with his Dufftionary from Sugar High.

EPISODE 1: L.A. Desserts — Chillin' with Chocolate

  • Creme egg — A milk chocolate shell houses a white and yellow fondant filling that mimics the white and egg yolk of a real egg.

  • Pat (red bean paste) — Made by boiling and mashing red azuki beans, then sweetening the paste with sugar or honey. "Pat" is the Korean word for "bean."

  • What determines the color of chicken eggs? The breed of the chicken determines the color of the egg. In many cases, a chicken’s earlobe tells the color of the egg: White earlobes will produce white eggs, while chickens with red earlobes lay brown eggs. Keep in mind this does not affect the flavor of the eggs; only the chicken’s diet determines the flavor. And white and brown eggs have the same nutritional value.