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Before there was Emeril, there was The Galloping Gourmet. Go back in time with this classic cooking show, as host Graham Kerr shares a plethora of cooking and home entertainment ideas.

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Strawberry Crepes

Sydney Rock Oyster Pasty

Garnalen au Curry

Scallops Whakatane

Stony Hill House Cake

Devon Porkers

Broiled Lobster Tail with Sauce Armoricaine

Crepes Fitzgerald

Coconut and Lime Pie

Deep Fried Ice Cream

Orange Marquise

Herr Kerr's Torten

Mile High Pie

Lancashire Hot Pot

Veal Pizzaiola

English Tea Cake and Russian Tea

Colonial Goose

Mehlsuppe and Butterosti


The Veal Thing

Prawn and Oyster Cocktail

Chicken with Grapes

Vol au Vent Fruits de Mer

Petits Meringues Glace Dali

Les Crepes d'or

Rivoli Hors d'Oeuvres