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Before there was Emeril, there was The Galloping Gourmet. Go back in time with this classic cooking show, as host Graham Kerr shares a plethora of cooking and home entertainment ideas.

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Beef Vindaloo

Carrot Cake

Frogs Legs

Lapin Farci Provencale

Vol au Vent Fruits de Mer

Escargot Truffiere

Eggs Yalumba


Nonesuch Poele

Fillet Van Zeetong

Tearaway Soup

Trout Orleans

Fricasee de Poulet et Cepes

Handraised Pork Pie

Gateau St. Honore

La Brochette des Corsaires


Pears in Meringue with Chocolate Sauce

Poulet Farci Truffiere

Rolpens Met Hatebliksem

Veal Sweetbread and Bacon Pie

Apfel Bahnhof

Duckling Chassignat

Venison Casserole

Le Poussin en Surprise


Beef Gulya's 'Vienna Style'