Bloom School

Wow your guests with beautiful bouquets that you can make at home in no time!

Canning Jar Floral Arranger:

Use this easy trick to make your flower arranging a snap!

  • Empty a mesh bag from the grocery store
  • Fasten the mesh between the ring of a mason jar and the jar and screw down
  • Trim excess mesh from around the ring
  • Arrange flowers in the mesh screen top

Hand-Tied Bouquet:

Make a perfect hand-tied bouquet: Our technique gives you a tight dome shape that looks perfect and professional. You can use your favorite type of flower for this or any that you find at the store, but the whole bouquet should be the same flower type.

Assemble your bouquet by placing each stem one by one at a slight angle, turning the bouquet over in your hand each time you add a flower. We used raffia wire (a type of crafting wire) to hold the tied flowers in place. This thick material won't cut into the stems of the flowers and will help them to last longer, but you can also use floral wire to tie the stems. Then trim the stems to the height of your vessel--the stems should make a pretty helix shape. You can also trim the stems so that the arrangement floats on water.

Pro Tip: Just like prepping ingredients when we cook, prep flowers by trimming them before you start arranging.

Basic Centerpiece:

Use flowers from these 3 categories to make an exciting, professional-looking arrangement.

  • Thrillers: Thrillers are the statement flowers in your arrangement; this is where you can splurge. You don't need too many--3 to 6 flowers for an average arrangement.
  • Fillers: Fillers are less expensive flowers that add a lot of volume and fill out the arrangement.
  • Spillers: Spillers are vines or flowers that literally "spill" out of the side of the arrangement. These create a pretty silhouette.

Start with a thriller so it "faces" out, then add shorter thrillers around the central one. Add fillers in small bunches. Then spillers on the sides.

Pro Tip: Picking flowers of all the same color makes a cohesive and pretty arrangement.