Tailgate Gadgets

Up your tailgating game with these hot gadgets that are ready to party. Check them out--they'll make your tailgate the best spot in the lot.

Cooler Dividers

A phenomenal tailgate starts with the letter "P" for preparation. And when you're prepping for the big game, expert cooler packing is essential. It goes without saying that meats and drinks don't mix. To keep them in separate compartments, we suggest these oh-so-cool cooler dividers. They're very easy to slide into the grooves of your cooler (check first to make sure your cooler has grooves, as many--but not all--do); just make sure to order the right size. The added bonus is that it comes with a built-in cutting board to assist with any tailgate chopping. Double duty at the price of $29.95. 

Electricity-Free Slow Cooker

No electricity? No problem! Non-electric portable slow cookers can cook slow-cooked dishes for up to 12 hours, depending on what you're cooking. Be sure to follow the instructions/recipes that come with it. Most require you to bring your food to a boil in a regular pot, cover it with the lid and place the whole thing inside an insulated bag. You can put down a tea towel to catch any possible spills. NO PEEKING! The bag is now ready to pack into the car.

Non-electric portable slow cookers retain heat and will thoroughly cook chili, stews and chicken on or off the bone. We made pulled chicken breasts and they came out in 1 hour. By the time you find a great parking spot, your food is done! The breasts were tender and ready to shred for tacos, nachos or any other tailgate grub.

Non-electric portable slow cookers keep food and beverages cold too. Freeze it, bag it, store it and serve based on the manufacturer's instructions. Possibly the coolest part of picking up this convenient cooker is that the company donates to developing countries where cooking fuel is scarce. So you can help the world while you root for your team. The price, just $49.00.

Beer Pong Cup Liners

You can't pre-game for a big game without a few rounds of beer pong. You know the drinking game where teams of 2 take turns throwing a ping pong ball across a table to try to land it in the other team's beer-filled cups. When your ball lands in your opponent's cup, they must drink the contents of that cup and move the cup to the side. The first team to eliminate all of their opponent's cups wins.

The problem with this pre-game pastime is that when the ball doesn't make it in, it bounces all over the table and onto the dirty floor or onto the ground. Then, when the ball does make it into your cup, it floats around in your beer, leaving debris and other gross stuff.

The solution to this icky dilemma is a set of beer pong cup liners. The liners prevent the dirty ping pong ball from making contact with the beer at the bottom of the cup. When the ball goes into your cup, lift the liner and sip on a dirt-free drink. One set will only cost you $14.99.

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