Turkey Crafts

Add a little whimsy to your Thanksgiving celebration with these turkey-shaped appetizers and snacks from The Kitchen.

Marcela Valladolid' Turkey Crudite is seen on the set of Food Network's The Kitchen, Season 7.

Photo by: Jason DeCrow ©2015, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Jason DeCrow, 2015, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Turkey Crudite Platter
Separate endive and radicchio leaves and cut them with kitchen shears into feather shapes. Fan them out in 2 rows on a platter to make the tail feathers. Reserve some for the wing. Next, using a mandoline, slice carrots and bell peppers lengthwise and layer them on as additional feathers. Slice cucumber and radishes into coins and layer on top to make the body feathers. Position additional radicchio leaves on top to make a wing. Using a paring knife, cut a carrot into a beak shape. Cut a peppadew pepper in half and use a toothpick to affix it to narrow end of a yellow squash as a mouth, then toothpick the carrot beak on top. Add an olive for the eye. For the feet, insert rosemary sprigs into cornichons and place near the bottom of the bird.

Turkey Cheeseball
First, make a cheeseball; we made a Pimento Cheeseball, but you can use any cheeseball recipe you like. Place in a plastic wrap-lined bowl and refrigerate overnight. Then, insert breadsticks, a variety of crackers and colored bell peppers sliced into triangles into the cheeseball to make decorative feathers. For the neck, decorate with pecans and sliced almonds. For the face, a red bell pepper works well. Use whole cloves for the eyes.

Turkey Snack Bag
Fill the fingers of a clear plastic glove with colored cheese crackers, putting a different color in each finger. Fill the hand and thumb portion of the glove with plain popcorn. Tie the bottom of the glove at the wrist with ribbon. Draw on a face with black and red markers.

Fruit Kabob Turkey
To make the turkey's body, use a honeydew melon (a cantaloupe works too). Add the face using an upside-down pear that's been trimmed so it's slightly flat. For eyes, use 2 mini marshmallows and dried blueberries or raisins (use a toothpick to attach). Use a piece of Cheddar cheese for the nose and a slice of strawberry for the wattle. Then skewer cut-up fruit on wooden skewers just like you would for a kabob, making feathers.

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