You Put What in your What? Oatmeal

Oatmeal doesn't have to be boring. You can jazz it up with these mix-in ideas. We've got 3 wild and crazy flavor ideas that'll have your friends and family saying, "You put what in your WHAT?!"

For a creamy and tangy dessert-inspired mix-in, try stirring in cream cheese. This gives those morning oats a creamy texture and a tang that mimics the flavors of cheesecake. Top with a dollop of strawberry jam and sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs to give breakfast a sweet crunch and a strawberry cheesecake vibe.

While we're on the subject of dessert, why not add sweet grated carrots to your oatmeal for a carrot cake-style breakfast? Stirring them into the warm cereal allows the carrots to melt right in and adds a delicious sweetness. To complete your childhood dream of dessert for breakfast, don't forget the cinnamon, maple and walnuts. Katie loves a little pop of plain yogurt right on top--it'll add a little protein and mimic the tartness of cream cheese frosting.

What is breakfast without bacon? It's usually served as a savory breakfast side, but we say crumble it up and add it right to your oatmeal. Try making it salty and sweet with the addition of shredded coconut, brown sugar and a few chocolate chips for flavor and fun.

Try all of these mix-ins at your next brunch or any day of the week!

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