In this episode, the remaining 8 chefs grapple with the Chairman’s charge of RESOURCEFULNESS.  For the Secret Ingredient Challenge, the secret ingredient is all kinds of pickles.  The chefs have 30 minutes to be resourceful in turning pickles into a snack for a field trip. The reason the chefs made portable pickle snacks is that they are going on a fishing field trip.   Back in the kitchen with their catch, the Chairman’s Challenge is to cook two fish dishes in 60 minutes using the fish they so resourcefully caught.  They can also use the bait from the boat – fresh sardines.  (Episode: IO0303H)

Go Fish

After a fishing field trip, Chef Dumont's catch of the day doesn't cut it with the judges.

You Be the Judge

Which rival would you want to see battling it out in Kitchen Stadium as the newest Iron Chef?

Blogging Rivals and Judges

Get personal with the rival chefs and judge Simon Majumdar on our blog, the FN Dish.