And now there are 6 chefs remaining.  In this “all-American” episode, the Chairman’s charge is RESPECT.  Today’s secret ingredient challenge is to show respect for the potato (the peeling of which was formerly military punishment) by creating a potato dish in 45 minutes. In the Chairman’s Challenge, the chefs are asked to show respect for America by cooking 4 dishes that represent the 4 main regions on the map of the US – north, south, east and west.   (Episode: IO0305H)

Culinary Road Trip

Alton maps out what's in store: Four dishes, four regions, and a big trip for the top five.

You Be the Judge

Which rival would you want to see battling it out in Kitchen Stadium as the newest Iron Chef?

Blogging Rivals and Judges

Get personal with this week's guest judge, Iron Chef Jose Garces.