Chuck Hughes Bio

Chuck is the multi-talented star of Cooking Channel’s Chuck’s Day Off and the owner and chef of Montreal hot-spot Garde-Manger. His unbridled passion for entertaining translates into both unforgettable food and captivating television. Chuck loves food, so much so that his favorites are tattooed on his arms: bacon, lemon meringue pie, lobster and arugula, just to name a few. After going to culinary school and working in some of the hottest restaurants in town, he partnered with his two best friends and opened Garde-Manger to rave reviews and packed seating. This summer, Chuck and his partners opened their second restaurant in Montreal, Le Bremner. For Chuck, one of the most defining moments of his career took place this year when he walked into New York City’s Kitchen Stadium and became the youngest Canadian chef to win on Food Network’s Iron Chef America. He also became the only Canadian chef to beat the legendary Bobby Flay. This November, Chuck hits the road to sunny Mexico in his new series, Chuck’s Week Off: Mexico.