About the Show

Join food personality Bob Blumer as he transforms everyday ingredients into a dining adventure. Whether he is poaching salmon in a dishwasher or grilling beer can chicken, his unusual techniques leave guests in awe. In each episode of this rock 'n' roll-style culinary tour, Bob travels to a colorful venue in his gleaming professional-kitchen-equipped Toastermobile. There he shows his chosen hosts how to prepare a complete dinner party that will make them the "toast" of the town.

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All The Surreal Gourmet Recipes

Sesame-Crusted, Pan-Seared Scallops with Asian Vinaigrette

Frozen Watermelon Margarita

Polenta Shapes with Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sauce

Dishwasher Salmon with a Piquant Dill Sauce

Roasted Winter Vegetables with Rosemary and Calamata Olives

Salmon Grilled Between Romaine Lettuce Leaves

Caesar Salad with Crouton Collars

Romaine Salad with Avocado Fans

Pear and Hazelnut Wontons

Hot Chocolate for Consenting Adults

Maple-Glazed Yam Stars

Ice Milk: Surreal Style

Honey-Drizzled Walnut and Gargonzola Bites

Granola, Yogurt, Berry Parfait

Gazpacho served in Bell Peppers

Chocolate Fondue

Six-Cylinder Snapper with Basil Oil and Succotash

Dinner on a Painter's Palette

Pasta Fresca

Poached Figs with Mascarpone

Dali-Side Up "Egg" Dessert

Brown-Bagged Halibut with Papaya Salsa

Grilled Raisin Bread, Stilton, and Pear Dessertwich

Bloody Caesar


Build-Your-Own Shish Kabobs

Pyrotechnic Pineapple