Top 10 Restaurants with Food Network Magazine

Bobby Flay counts down 10 meals of a lifetime. From the ultimate backyard BBQ to the essential seaside crab shack, these destinations are destined for everyone's wish list!


Caesars Palace Drive, Las Vegas

The family-owned Rao’s Italian eatery in New York City since 1896 is still the toughest reservation to get in the country. It's reliable Italian-American cuisine tailor-made for each guest, so everyone who walks in the door feels like an Italian grandmother is in the kitchen making them dinner. Most will never get a chance to visit the flagship location, so the Rao’s family wanted to bring their fantastic cuisine to the masses — hence the Las Vegas location and the Hollywood location were born! Now everyone can experience what has been said to be the best Italian-American cuisine in the country.


Specialty Dishes: meatballs, lemon chicken, signature pasta sauce

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Waterman's Beach Lobster

343 Waterman Beach Road, South Thomaston, Maine

Waterman’s is a long-running family-owned and -operated BYOB seafood shack known for its fresh large lobsters, steamers and classic lobster rolls. It's serene ocean view and friendly quality service also draw customers. It's the quintessential Maine experience that offers the freshest catch around, right from the bay in their backyard.


Specialty Dishes: steamed lobster, clam tray, lobster roll, homemade pies

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713 St Louis St., New Orleans

Where food and history are on display with impeccable Old World service, Antoine's is a must-visit in New Orleans for the Original French Quarter Meal. With 14 dining rooms and part museum, it's no wonder Antoine's has been in business for 175 years — as America’s longest-running family-owned restaurant.


Specialty Dishes: oysters Rockefeller, eggs Sardou, baked Alaska

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Snow's BBQ

516 Main St., Lexington, Texas

Open only on Saturdays, this small backyard BBQ joint has been voted the best BBQ in Texas and one of the best in the U.S. With a 79-year-old pitmaster named Tootsie smoking ribs, brisket, chicken and sausage her way for more than 40 years, it's guaranteed every bite will be fall-off-the-bone perfect.


Specialty Dishes: brisket, pork shoulder, steak, ribs

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Sierra Mar

47900 California 1, Big Sur, Calif.

You’ll literally feel like you’re dining in the clouds at Sierra Mar restaurant in Big Sur, Calif., located at the luxurious and exclusive Post Ranch Inn. High atop the cliffs of Big Sur, 1,200 feet above the Pacific Ocean, you’ll enjoy the view, as well as the local, seasonal and whimsical cuisine.


Specialty Dishes: Taste of Big Sur (a variety of seafood that is caught the day of or day before and served as small bites on one plate) and smoked cheese fondue

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The French Laundry

6640 Washington St., Yountville, Calif.

Thomas Keller’s French Laundry is truly the ultimate white tablecloth experience, where fine dining meets food that has been noted as absolute perfection. It is one of the top restaurants not only in the country but in the world. This is an epic meal balancing French finesse with American wit, served with elegance by one of the country’s most-calibrated service staffs. It's no wonder it takes two months to get a reservation, but it's certainly worth the wait!


Specialty Dishes: Oysters and Pearls, Salmon Tartare Cornets

Find the Restaurant: The French Laundry

Slappy Cakes

4246 SE Belmont St., Portland, Ore.

Portland, Ore., is known for its brunch, and at Slappy Cakes, the husband-and-wife team has turned brunch into an interactive event. With griddles built into the tables and a massive list of toppings, fixin's and homemade batters to choose from, anyone can make their cakes and eat them too!


Specialty Dishes: do-it-yourself pancakes at your table

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Burt's Place

8541 Ferris Ave., Morton Grove, Ill.

As one of the originators of the deep-dish pizza, Burt Katz and his wife, Sharon, run this hole in the wall just outside of Chicago. With only 30 seats in the house, and one of the best deep-dish pizzas in Chicago, the only way to get people their pizza in time is a reservation/call-ahead ordering system. If you want your pizza, make sure to follow the directions, as it's not uncommon to be turned away at the door.


Specialty Dishes: sausage deep-dish pizza, veggie deep-dish pizza

Find the Restaurant: Burt's Place

Travail Kitchen and Amusements

4124 W Broadway Ave., Robbinsdale, Minn.

This inventive gastropub in Minnesota has earned the "Amusements" in its name for combining science and theater into a "fantastical foodie experience." The three chef owners are taking their fine-dining backgrounds and making fine dining accessible to the masses in the most-creative and -interactive way. With house music blaring and a view of an open kitchen with more than 30 chefs bopping to the music, don't be surprised if some pop out of the kitchen in animal costumes ready to feed and amuse you.


Specialty Dishes: 10-course tasting menu includes meat and fish served to you on a hook, dry ice pop rocks, homemade pastas, foams

Find the Restaurant: Travail Kitchen & Amusements

Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain

513 Henry St., Brooklyn

A nod to the soda fountains that brought neighborhoods together, Brooklyn Farmacy sparkles with vintage authenticity. Brother-sister owners stayed true to the space by keeping the original apothecary from the 1920s intact. Serving classics like the New York egg cream, with their own spins on milkshakes, floats and sundaes, these soda "jerks" are bringing neighborhoods back together one sweet tooth at a time.


Specialty Dishes: sundaes, egg creams, milkshakes

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