Sweet Surprise

The final four compete in a "Culinary Decathlon" Skill Drill to test their knowledge thus far. Then, the chefs teach their recruits a complicated dessert technique featuring a flambé© presentation. For the Main Dish Challenge, some special guests arrive for the recruits as their loved ones reveal a favorite dish for them to prepare. The recruits must then make that dish using a recipe written by their chef and serve the flambé© dessert tableside. After the tasting, each chef decides who will advance to the final challenge. (Episode: WO0207H)

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Wed, February 8


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All Worst Cooks in America Recipes
  • Slow and Steady
    Slow and Steady

    Carlos' elimination was unexpected, even to Chef Anne. 


    Booted Recruits' Exit Interviews
    Booted Recruits' Exit Interviews

    Read what Kelsey and Carlos had to say.

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    Kitchen Boot Camp

    How would you stack up as a recruit? Check out Boot Camp.

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He Said/She Said

Chef Anne and Chef Robert share the inside scoop on each week's eliminated recruits.