Worst to First

The final two recruits face their toughest challenge yet: to prepare a three-course meal in a real restaurant kitchen for a panel of demanding gourmands. Chefs Anne and Robert devise a menu, send the recruits shopping for ingredients, and then help their recruit practice the menu for three short hours. The next day, the recruits find themselves at New York's famed Tribeca Grill, where they must cook for three culinary experts: Marc Murphy, Donatella Arpaia, and Drew Nieporent. After much deliberation, the panel reveals its choice for the best-executed meal. The winner receives $25,000 and bragging rights that they are no longer one of the Worst Cooks in America. (Episode: WO0208H)

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  • Be Proud, Georg
    Be Proud, Georg

    Georg was consistent throughout the season. What went wrong?

    Exit Interviews: The Final Two

    Read what Joshie and Georg had to say about their experience.

    Kitchen Boot Camp
    Kitchen Boot Camp

    How would you stack up as a recruit? Check out Boot Camp. Head to Boot Camp (TK)

He Said/She Said

Chef Anne and Chef Robert share the inside scoop on each week's eliminated recruits.