About Worst Cooks in America

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Experienced restaurant chefs Anne Burrell ('Secrets of a Restaurant Chef') and Bobby Flay ('Iron Chef America,' 'Food Network Star') attempt to transform some of the country's most hopeless cooks from kitchen zeros to kitchen heroes on Food Network's annual prime-time reality series Worst Cooks in America. Nominated by family and friends for their abysmal cooking skills, the recruits are split into two teams led by Chefs Anne and Bobby. They compete in a grueling multiweek culinary Boot Camp consisting of technique-driven Skill Drills and food-focused Main Dish Challenges. The mentors review the recruits' performances and progress, and ultimately one contestant from each team is eliminated every week. In the finale episode, the top two recruits compete in a high-level cook-off to be judged by a panel of culinary experts. In the end, only one will earn the title of the best of the worst in the kitchen and lasting bragging rights for his or her mentor.

Past Victories:
Red Team's Chef Anne Burrell
2011: Red Team's Chef Anne Burrell
2012: Red Team's Chef Anne Burrell
2013: Blue Team's Chef Bobby Flay