Candy Craft: Creepy Crawly

Made from simple rolled shapes, these creatures are a perfect addition to your Airheads garden. Sponsor content courtesy of Airheads.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Lollipop Stick, Scissors, Airheads, Edible Eyeballs (optional)

STEP 1: Roll out a Watermelon Airheads. Roll lengthwise to form a cylinder shape (the body).

STEP 2: Curl one end around on itself to form the head.

Step 3: Create eyeballs using White Mystery Airheads as the larger circles. Cut two small sized circles from a Grape Airheads for the pupils. Add eyes. (Or use edible candy eyeballs.)

STEP 4: Cut a small piece of Cherry Airheads and curl to make a squiggly tongue.

STEP 5: Attach to your creature and scare away!