Candy Craft: Cute & Crafty Kitty

Make a crazy-cute kitty face (or any of your favorite animals) using sugarcookies, frosting and Airheads. Get creative and up the cuteness! Sponsor content courtesy of Airheads.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Scissors, Airheads, Cookies, Edible Eyeballs (optional)

Step 1: Buy or bake sugar cookies, then frost with your favorite color.

STEP 2: Cut two strips from a Cherry Airheads and overlay them to make whiskers.

STEP 3: Cut a triangle from a Blue Raspberry Airheads and press on top of the whiskers to make a nose. Place in the center of your cookie.

STEP 4: Create eyeballs using White Mystery Airheads as the larger circle. Cut two small sized circles from a Grape Airheads for the pupils. (Or use edible eyeballs.) Add eyes to your kitty.

STEP 5: Cut two triangles from an Orange Airheads to make ears. Lay your cookie on top, making sure to position the ears evenly, and press down to attach.

STEP 6: Cut a small piece of Blue Raspberry Airheads and curl into a mouth.

STEP 7: Attach the mouth to your kitty’s face and voilà!