Candy Craft: Grow-A-Garden

Who says eating your veggies has to be boring? You’ll be harvesting these candy crops in no time. Sponsor content courtesy of Airheads.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Lollipop Sticks, Scissors, Bowl, Spoon, Cookies, Airheads

STEP 1: Take your favorite cookies and mash them up in a bowl until they look like dirt. Put them in a container with a wide top. (Tip: use sugar cookies for sand, and chocolate for garden dirt.)

STEP 2: Cut an Orange Airheads in half and wrap around the top of a lollipop stick.

STEP 3: Cut a carrot top from a Watermelon Airheads and attach to the back of your stick.

STEP 4: Take another Airheads and make a round base. Insert lollipop stick.

STEP 5: Dig a little hole in the dirt and plant your carrot, making sure to press down firmly so that it doesn’t move.

STEP 6: Fill the hole back in with cookie dirt and enjoy!