Candy Craft: Monster Cupcakes

Want to surprise your friends? Transform boring cupcakes into wild & scary monsters! Sponsor content courtesy of Airheads.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Cupcakes, Lollipop Sticks, Cutting tools, Frosting, Airheads, Edible Eyeballs (optional)

STEP 1: Cut an Airheads in half and roll the two pieces into spheres.

STEP 2: Create eyeballs using White Mystery Airheads as the larger circles. Cut two small sized circles from a Grape Airheads for the pupils. Place eyes on top of your spheres and press down to attach.

STEP 3: Take each lollipop stick and press them into the top of your cupcake.

STEP 4: Cut out another shape (a rounded rectangle is fun!) from an Airheads to make a monster mouth. (Tip: Cut out two circles from a White Mystery Airheads, cut them in half, and use them as teeth.) Cut a short length of a lollipop stick, wrap with a little piece of a bar, and attach your monster mouth to the stick.

STEP 5: Press the stick into the top of your cupcake and enjoy!