Candy Craft: Pizza Party

What’s the best after-pizza dessert? More pizza! All this courtesy of some creative crafting and Airheads. Then, add your own favorite Airheads toppings once you’ve mastered our recipe. Perfect for Friday night family time! Sponsor content courtesy of Airheads.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Sugar cookies, Cutting tools, scissors, rolling pin, Airheads, Airheads Xtremes

STEP 1: Buy or bake your favorite cookies. Roll out two Cherry Airheads until they’re flat. Place them side by side and roll again until they fuse together.

STEP 2: Use a circular cookie cutter to cut a circle from your Cherry Airheads (the pizza sauce) and place on top of your cookie.

STEP 3: Take a White Mystery Airheads and place it lightly on top of the Cherry Airheads layer. Trim to fit and then cut the edges again to look like pizza cheese topping.

STEP 4: Use a circular cookie cutter to cut out small circles from your Cherry Airheads (the pepperonis) and place on top of your cookie.

STEP 5: Cut the green strip from an Airheads Xtreme and trim it down into little pieces to make more toppings for your pizza.

STEP 6: Be creative and make other toppings for your pizza using Airheads. Sprinkle on top and enjoy!