Candy Craft: Rainbow Bracelet

Brighten any day, or any outfit, with this bracelet crafted out of Airheads Xtremes! Sponsor content courtesy of Airheads.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Scissors, Airheads, Airheads Xtremes

STEP 1: Place two Airheads Xtremes (the band of your bracelet) in a line on top of your favorite Airheads. Wrap the Airheads around to seal, leaving a tiny amount of space to insert the bracelet band later, and trim.

STEP 2: Cut a cloud from a White Mystery bar and attach to another small strip. Wrap around the band and press to seal.

STEP 3: Wrap the bracelet around your wrist, insert the end of the bracelet band through an Airheads and trim if you need to.