Star Report: 7 Key Takeaways from Finalists' 5-Course Dinners

We're breaking down the ins and outs of the latest episode of Food Network Star, Season 13.

Guest Judge Tyler Florence seated with Hosts Bobby Flay and Giada de Laurentiis for the Star Challenge Experiential Restaurant, as seen on Food Network Star, Season 13.

Photo by: Eddy Chen

Eddy Chen

The name of the game this week was experiential dining, and for one reason or another, the competitors indeed served up an experience—though for some it's probably an experienced they'd like to forget. We're looking back on the best moments (and the cringeworthy ones).

First things first: Jason's a lil sassy today. Just saying.

Trace skips a pasta sauce because he likes sauces to swamps, and as he says, "Nobody likes a swamp." Honestly, we're not sure if the mentors intended for the finalists to get as literal about their experiences as Trace did, but we applaud his dedication to the challenge. (He's right, though. We hate swamps.)

Matthew's set on "directing" his teammates through their video segments, but Cao's not having it, and she shuts him down in the nicest way possible. Made us chuckle.

Rusty's repping the jungle, but we're not sure we buy it. Like, have you seen an actual animal make a face like this?!

Amy thinks she has about a 0 percent of beating Cory in the seafood course because he's a pro chef and she's not — but she does! This is the second week in a row that they've been paired up (remember when he spent a huge chunk of their budget on caviar last week?), so we're calling this vindication for Amy.

If there's one thing Bobby hates, it's bland food. We're cringing for Cao here, because we'd hate to serve Bobby "Bold" Flay something that's underseasoned as she's done — two weeks in a row, no less!

Oof. Poor Suzanne. She finally gets her way and is allowed to make dessert, but she has to do it against a certified baking champion, Jason. Her baklava is a flop for the judges, who aren't pleased with her camera work either, and they send her home because of it. Let's file this in the category: Can't Catch a Break.

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