The Best Thanksgiving Cocktails & Drinks

Warming Cocktails for Turkey Day
Warming Cocktails for Turkey Day

Wet your whistle with warming cold-weather drinks and fall-flavored cocktails, like Alton's hot toddy.  

Cranberry by the Pitcher
Cranberry by the Pitcher

Seltzer adds sparkle to this refreshing sweet-tart blend.

Dessert-Inspired Drinks
Dessert-Inspired Drinks

Sip your sweets instead with these decadent recipes.

Thanksgiving Cocktails

All-Star Thanksgiving Cocktails

Shake up festive drinks to pair with your holiday feast Watch the Video

Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes
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Fall's Fruity Fizzes
Thanksgiving-Inspired Cocktails
Chefs' Holiday Cocktails

Browse seasonal drinks that chefs serve at their own restaurants.

Bobby's Sherry Cocktail

Try out his smooth, citrus-spiked Thanksgiving cocktail that's perfect for dessert.