The Best Thanksgiving Cocktails & Drinks

Cocktails for Turkey Day
Cocktails for Turkey Day

Keep it cozy with warming cold-weather drinks and fall-flavored cocktails like this bourbon Negroni.

What's Your Thanksgiving Cocktail? 
What's Your Thanksgiving Cocktail? 

Take our quiz to find out what libation to serve with your feast.

FN Stars Whip Up Warming Drinks
Fall's Fruity Fizzes
Cranberry Sauce Gets Spiked 

Add a shot of cheer to your jellied cranberry sauce! This vodka-spiked version is so easy to make ahead and looks just like its nonalcoholic cousin, so be sure to keep it away from the kids' table!

Thanksgiving-Inspired Cocktails
Chefs' Holiday Cocktails

Browse seasonal drinks that chefs serve at their own restaurants.

Bobby's Sherry Cocktail

Try out his smooth, citrus-spiked Thanksgiving cocktail that's perfect for dessert.