Thanksgiving Entertaining

3-Ingredient Appetizers
3-Ingredient Appetizers

Impress (and sate) guests with these simpler-than-they-look apps, like soup shooters, sliders and more.

Clever, Cool Centerpieces
Clever, Cool Centerpieces

Decorate your Thanksgiving table with our budget-friendly ideas.

Get Ready for a Group    
Get Ready for a Group    

These recipes feed eight or more.

Entertaining Tips
Easy Apps to Start the Feast
Thanksgiving Dinner Portion Planner

While ensuring you have everyone's Thanksgiving favorites on the table can be daunting, figuring out how much of each dish to have doesn't have to be. Take the guesswork out of portion size and shopping math with our Thanksgiving planner. 

Fun Ideas for Your Holiday Table
Day-After-Thanksgiving Brunch
Easy Entertaining
Test Your Thanksgiving Know-How

How much do you really know about America’s biggest food holiday?

Party-Ready Pie

Guests will rave about this classic made with an added dose of chocolate.  

Ted's Top Thanksgiving Tips

The Chopped host will help you keep your cool.