Thanksgiving Entertaining

The Most-Irresistible Appetizers
The Most-Irresistible Appetizers

Even on Thanksgiving, the apps might still be everyone's favorite part of the meal.

Ina's Make-Ahead Menu
Ina's Make-Ahead Menu

With her plan, you can host dinner and enjoy it too.

Cinnamon Bun Turkeys
Cinnamon Bun Turkeys

Serve overnight guests these silly guys for brunch.

Entertaining In Style
Easy 3-Ingredient Appetizers

Impress (and sate) guests with these simpler-than-they-look dishes.

Budget-Friendly Centerpieces
Budget-Friendly Centerpieces
Easy Apps to Start the Feast
Thanksgiving Dinner Portion Planner

While ensuring you have everyone's Thanksgiving favorites on the table can be daunting, figuring out how much of each dish to have doesn't have to be. Take the guesswork out of portion size and shopping math with our Thanksgiving planner. 

Fun Ideas for Your Holiday Table
5 Terrific Turkey Platters

Start the celebration with one of these impressive (and unabashedly cheeky) displays.

Day-After Brunch
Easy Entertaining
Give a Thoughtful Hostess Gift

Our editors reveal what they're offering their hosts this year.

Thanksgiving Guest Etiquette 101
Test Your Thanksgiving Know-How

How much do you really know about America’s biggest food holiday?

Ted's Top Thanksgiving Tips

The Chopped host will help you keep your cool.