5 Thanksgiving Pantry Staples to Buy — and Not Make!

These timesaving ingredients are worth the extra investment.

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Pantry Item #1: Canned Pumpkin Puree

Time Saved: 2 HRS. Not only will buying canned save you time, but Thanksgiving deals mean that buying canned pumpkin puree may be less expensive than making it fresh, which is also harder to control in terms of texture and consistency.

Pantry Item #2: Roasted Chestnuts

Time Saved: 1 HR. Though available at most specialty food stores year-round, preroasted and peeled chestnuts become widely available in supermarkets nationwide around the holiday season.

Pantry Item #3: Turkey Stock

Time Saved: 6 HRS. The secret ingredient in some of the best homemade gravies is turkey stock, which can be made with minimal prep using a turkey carcass and some chopped aromatics — but on the big day, who has time? Many specialty stores offer fresh turkey stock in their perishables department at Thanksgiving, alongside other store-bought, ready-made goods like gravy and cranberry sauce. So save yourself the time, effort and kitchen space, and buy your secret ingredient instead of making it.

Pantry Item #4: Pie Crust

Time Saved: 1.5 HRS. Unless you’re flavoring your pie crust or using a special recipe, the differences between refrigerated store-bought pie crusts and homemade are virtually undetectable — aside from the amount of time and effort saved.

Pantry Item #5: Stuffing Cubes

Time Saved: 30 MIN. Packaged stuffing cubes may be found year-round, but like other Thanksgiving pantry staples, fresh dried stuffing cubes from the bakery department are often available at supermarkets nationwide during the holiday season.

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