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  • Texas Dog
    Video | (00:46)

    Bobby's Texas Dog is an all-beef frank topped with bbq sauce and a pickle.

  • Christmas Pasta
    Video | (02:51)

    With Bobby's help, Rachael cooks her family's favorite Christmas Pasta.

  • Au-Some Burgers
    Recipe courtesy Spatula Scott
    5 Reviews
    Cook Time:
    8 min
  • The Loss Leader
    Video | (02:20)

    Melissa explains how to save big on proteins by shopping for loss leaders.

  • Sirloin and Vidalia on a Stick
    Video | (03:22)

    Sirloin and vidalia chunks are basted in butter and bouillon and grilled.

  • PBR Fajitas
    Recipe courtesy Ted Kendrick
    3 Reviews
    Cook Time:
    20 min
  • Mini Italian Pub Burgers
    Video | (03:25)

    Giada's sliders get an Italian twist from tomato paste, herbs and Taleggio.

  • Fish Mexico Style
    Video | (02:17)

    Gordon Elliott enjoys fresh Mexican-style fish on the beach.

  • Toasted Rice Powder
    Recipe courtesy of Gourmet Magazine
    0 Review
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