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  • Creamy Cocoaccino
    Video | (01:32)

    Cocoaccino: everyone's childhood favorite drink, hot cocoa, all grown up.

  • Pumpkin-Maple Bread Pudding
    Video | (04:00)

    Warm, comforting Pumpkin-Maple Bread Pudding packs great holiday flavors.

  • Tehachapi Moon Pies
    Video | (02:13)

    Chocolate cookies get a Sandra makeover to become Tehachapi Moon Pies.

  • Smorritos
    Video | (03:49)

    It's not a s'more, it's not a burrito: it's a Smorrito!

  • Ghoulishly Delicious Cupcakes
    Video | (02:18)

    Sandra's making creepy-crawly cupcakes trimmed with ghastly, gooey goodies.

  • Phoenix Rising Cocktail
    Video | (01:07)

    Sandra concocts a deceptively innocent-looking Phoenix Rising Cocktail.