Satisfy your cherry craving with sweet-tart pies and beverages.

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  • Holiday Wreath Cupcakes
    Video | (02:34)

    Sandra decorates store-bought cupcakes to look like tiny holiday wreaths.

  • Chocolate Stout Cake
    Video | (02:53)

    Picture this: chocolate stout cake with cherries and a Irish whiskey sauce.

  • Ina's Pink Lemonade
    Video | (01:23)

    Ina serves pink lemonade in martini glasses with a cherry garnish.

  • Skewered Greek Salad
    Video | (02:56)

    No plates required: Giada makes Greek salads on skewers with vinaigrette.

  • Venice Sunset
    Video | (01:28)

    The Venice Sunset mocktail can also get a splash of amaretto for grownups..

  • Winter Fruit Compote & Cheese
    Video | (02:48)

    Michael serves his fruit compote with Gorgonzola and Cheddar cheeses.

  • Three Kings Cake
    Video | (06:26)

    Ingrid bakes a traditional rosca de reyes, or Three Kings fruitcake.

  • Tomatoes and Chocolate
    Video | (03:36)

    Dessert ingredients: cherry tomatoes, silken tofu, gingersnaps, cocoa nibs.

  • Coconut Jelly
    Video | (03:20)

    Pair Coconut Jelly with pineapple and cherries for a refreshing dessert.

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