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  • Time Tested
    Video | (21:02)

    Ree Drummond challenges herself to cook meals in less and less time.

  • Red Growl
    Recipe courtesy of Mike Reeder from Boonville, IN, for the Manly Man Chili Cook-Off
    0 Review
  • Peppery Dry Rub
    Recipe Courtesy of Lobel's Prime Meats
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  • Chipotle Barbecue Potted Pork
    Video | (03:28)

    Spicy and deglazed with a tangy beer, this makes a tasty tortilla filling.

  • Pepper Peach Collins
    Video | (01:24)

    Guy's peach cocktail gets a slow burn from muddled serrano chili peppers.

  • Spiced Ham Drizzled in Honey
    Video | (02:58)

    Michael rubs a ham with toasted spices and drizzles it with honey.

  • Food for Love
    Video | (02:10)

    Ted shares the facts, fiction and history of foods touted as aphrodisiacs.

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