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  • Diners Times Three
    Video | (21:01)

    Guy Fieri hits nothing but diners on this trip.

  • R2R: Farmhouse Hash Taquitos
    Video | (02:06)

    Farmhouse hash with poached eggs, round two: farmhouse taquitos.

  • Ranch Dipper
    Video | (02:57)

    Rachael serves this dressing as a dip with her Baked Fresh Chili Fries.

  • TNT Super Dog
    Video | (03:48)

    Want everything on that dog? Pastrami, chili, cheese, fries, in a tortilla.

  • Edamame Dip
    Video | (02:46)

    Tired of edamame rolling off your potato chips? Alton has the dip for you!

  • Shrimp With Cilantro Rub
    Video | (04:10)

    Michelle and Alex grill spicy marinated shrimp on sugar cane skewers.

  • Poblano Corn Pudding
    Video | (04:13)

    Guy's Poblano Corn Pudding is a tasty way to use up a bumper crop of corn.

  • Chicken in Pumpkin-Ancho Mole
    Video | (04:11)

    Pumpkin seeds and smoky, spicy peppers go into making this delicious mole.

  • Chocolate-Chile Cake
    Video | (03:51)

    Daisy makes a rich, decadent chocolate cake that uses absolutely no flour.

  • Creamy Poblano Pepper Strips
    Video | (05:08)

    Rajas, Creamy Poblano Pepper Strips, are great fillings for tacos and more.

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