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  • Edamame Dip
    Video | (02:46)

    Tired of edamame rolling off your potato chips? Alton has the dip for you!

  • Grilled Pizzas
    Video | (07:01)

    Anne grills pizzas and tops them with cheese, prosciutto and vegetables.

  • Ree's Seven Can Soup
    Video | (02:47)

    Ree makes a fast, hearty meal by using canned beans, tomatoes and corn.

  • Festive Spicy Steak Tacos
    Video | (04:46)

    These Chili-Rubbed Steak Tacos are perfect for last-minute entertaining.

  • Make Your Own Burrito Bar
    Video | (03:26)

    Keep everyone happy with a build-your-own burrito bar.

  • Shrimp Seviche "Xni Pec"
    Video | (02:30)

    Spicy "Xni Pec" ("dog's nose" in Mayan) gives whoever eats it a runny nose.

  • Garlic-Stuffed Lamb Loin Bites
    Video | (04:19)

    Michael makes lamb bites to serve at a make-your-own-kebab get-together.

  • TNT Super Dog
    Video | (03:48)

    Want everything on that dog? Pastrami, chili, cheese, fries, in a tortilla.

  • Angel Hair Pasta
    Video | (01:48)

    Tyler tosses angel hair pasta with fried chili flakes, lemon and arugula.

  • Pepper Peach Collins
    Video | (01:24)

    Guy's peach cocktail gets a slow burn from muddled serrano chili peppers.

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