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Satisfy your cravings with chocolate. Go beyond candy bars with recipes and ideas for chocolate desserts, snacks and more.

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  • Nifty Nashville Neighborhood
    Video | (04:42)

    Rachael Ray stops in Nashville for funky neighborhood shopping and coffee.

  • Sensational Gelato Dessert Bar
    Video | (03:23)

    Create a sensational gelato bar for a real summertime dessert extravaganza.

  • Wedding Traditions
    Video | (02:44)

    Unwrapped explores the sweet wedding tradition called Reception Sticks.

  • Halloween Candy Bark
    Video | (01:06)

    Reuse your leftover Halloween treats by turning them into candy bark.

  • Kids Summer Cooking Camp
    Video | (03:45)

    This camp arms kids with cooking skills they can use for years to come.

  • Creepy Candy
    Video | (04:04)

    Truth can be stranger than fiction when you are talking about insect candy.

  • Milkshake
    Video | (01:20)

    Make a drive-through quality black and white milkshake with Rachael Ray.

  • Chunky Monkey Pancakes
    From Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives book. Adapted from a recipe courtesy of Dot's Back Inn.
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