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Satisfy your cravings with chocolate. Go beyond candy bars with recipes and ideas for chocolate desserts, snacks and more.

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  • Blackberry-Chip Ice Cream
    Video | (01:56)

    Blackberries and chocolate chunks make this ice cream a birthday treat.

  • Night 7: Daniel Humm
    Video | (04:18)

    Daniel Humm presents a rich holiday feast from his native Switzerland.

  • Milkshake
    Video | (01:20)

    Make a drive-through quality black and white milkshake with Rachael Ray.

  • Frozen Brownie Sundaes
    Video | (03:43)

    Layer brownies, ice cream and strawberry sauce for a luscious frozen treat.

  • Ice Cream Sauce Recipe
    Video | (02:11)

    Fresh Strawberry sauce complements this homemade white chocolate sauce.

  • Giada's Almond Brittle
    Video | (03:17)

    Giada's homemade Chocolate-Almond-Cherry Brittle is devilishly delicious.

  • Southwestern Pine Nut Candy
    Video | (04:21)

    Discover a Santa Fe candy shop and its handcrafted pine nut candies.

  • Wayne & Bobby's Choco-Cookies
    Video | (02:35)

    Bobby Flay and Wayne Brachman collaborate on triple chocolate cookies.

  • Banana Splits
    Video | (01:54)

    Learn how to make a fabulously delicious ice cream banana split concoction.

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