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Satisfy your cravings with chocolate. Go beyond candy bars with recipes and ideas for chocolate desserts, snacks and more.

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  • Stressbuster Smoothies
    Video | (01:36)

    Relax and unwind with one of these deliciously healthy smoothies.

  • Vegetable Kugel
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  • Healthy Devil's Food Cupcake
    Video | (03:37)

    Think devil's food cupcakes can't be healthy? You're in for a big surprise!

  • Sour Cream Ice Cream
    Video | (02:37)

    This recipe for sour-cream ice cream is a delicious twist on an old favorite.

  • Candy Body Paint
    Video | (02:25)

    The secret formula for edible body paint? Imported French chocolate.

  • Instant Pudding
    Video | (03:56)

    In minutes, whip up a perfect batch of rich creamy instant pudding.

  • The Pancake House
    Video | (04:44)

    Drop in on a couple of America's favorite pancake houses.

  • Fudgy Salty PB Brownies
    Video | (03:41)

    Layered with peanut butter and peanuts, these brownies live up to the name.

  • Yellow Cakes in a Jar
    Video | (03:55)

    Melissa gives Yellow Cakes in a Jar a bonus: chocolate ganache frosting.

  • Graeter's Ice Cream
    Video | (02:56)

    Graeter's makes creamy, old-fashioned ice cream with a French pot freezer.

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