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  • Breakfast Trifle Grits
    Video | (03:45)

    Make this country breakfast in a dish with grits, boiled eggs and sausage.

  • Buche de Noel
    Video | (07:07)

    Nick Malgieri bakes the chocolate genoise base for a classic Yule log cake.

  • Stracciatella Semifreddo
    Video | (03:37)

    This dessert of custard and chocolate hazelnut spread has a biscotti crust.

  • Candy Cane Cookies
    Video | (03:47)

    Start up a new family tradition and bake peppermint candy cane cookies.

  • Gingerbread House: Roof
    Video | (07:36)

    Gale creates a thatched roof and a snowman for her gingerbread house.

  • Turkey With Stuffing
    Video | (07:25)

    Alton shares his technique for cooking a turkey with stuffing.

  • Eggnog Ice Cream
    Video | (03:16)

    Rich, custardy eggnog is a natural to be turned into ice cream.

  • Three Kings Cake
    Video | (06:26)

    Ingrid bakes a traditional rosca de reyes, or Three Kings fruitcake.

  • Mother Hen Toast
    Video | (04:02)

    Tyler bakes Mother Hen Toast, eggs and ham on bread with bechamel sauce.

  • Layered Brunch Eggstravaganza
    Video | (03:34)

    Grits, sausage and cheese are crowned with eggs for a yummy brunch treat.