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  • Cole's: 2 Minutes to Open
    Video | (02:20)

    Watch as Cole's reveals their most intense moment: 2 Minutes to Open.

  • Roasted Pig
    Video | (04:09)

    Best Of heads north to Canada for a taste of roasted stuffed pig.

  • Provencal Chicken Burgers
    Video | (02:23)

    Taste a Provencal Chicken Burger and imagine you're in a French bistro.

  • Get Up and Get Grilling
    Video | (01:01)

    Grilling breakfast: Food Network shows how to think outside the cereal box.

  • Ladel-ayheehoo
    Video | (42:00)

    Serving ladles become one chef's cooking vessels for French Onion Soup.

  • Grillade aux Truffes
    Recipe courtesy of Samuel Chamberlain's Clementine in the Kitchen (Random House, 2001)
  • Carrots Vichy
    Courtesy of Terrance Brennan